SO YOU WANT TO BECOME A Moto Gear Ambassador?

Well, that's awesome to hear - because we're looking for people just like you to be apart of our team!


Well, that's easy: It's going to take some drive, some dedication, and ultimately some passion for what you're doing! We're looking for people who are skilled and or talented; in whatever that may be (road racing, flat-track racing, club racing, , sports, business, marketing, social media, you name it)! We want to build a team of UNIQUE individuals to help bring brand awareness to our company - whether you're an elite athlete or an overachiever in academics, it all counts! The term "Moto Gear" quite literally means to exert maximum effort - in whatever you excel at! We want people that eat, sleep, and live for what they're passionate for! We want to not only have you help bring light to our company but to also bring light to YOU as a person as well! Our mission is to build more than just your everyday company - were looking to build a community to grow with us as well!


As a Moto Gear Racing Apparel Ambassador, you will be representing our brand where ever, and whenever you can! When rocking our gear we want you to first and foremost have FUN with it, but also to be professional when the time comes! We want people to get creative, and think outside the box! There is no need to do "this" or "that" rules with being an ambassador of our company - but we do expect you to represent us in a POSITIVE matter and to promote us whenever you can! Our IDEAL candidates as those mentioned above are defined as 18+ YEARS OF AGE - active, energetic, hard-working, and outgoing, with a strong engagement in a variety of social organizations in or around your local community. We look for balanced individuals that are active in many different social circles (racing, sports, activities, and other academics, etc). Being a go-getter and leader among your peers in terms of involvement and influence carries significant weight in what we're looking for! * Applications of those under 18 years of age will automatically be deleted.


Drive traffic and sales to the and  retail websites.

Help to increase Instagram Followers and Facebook Likes.

Bring brand awareness to our company.

That's it - That's all! Pretty simple, huh?


-First and foremost you get to be apart of an UPCOMING company with BIG aspirations and goals!
-Secondly, you will be given a very generous discount on our current line of racing apparel products!
-Third, you will be apart of upcoming contests (internal), and events, and get to qualify for monthly, quarterly, and yearly prizes!
-Opportunities to BRAND yourself; be apart of our in-house or outdoor photoshoots, and be viewed on our website / and marketing material!
-15% OFF Discount Code For Friends & Family
-Accumulative Commission Plan (5% Of All Sales) +
-More stuff to come as the company grows and prospers!


To join us, fill out our sponsorship program form and we will be in touch.

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