• At MOTO GEAR, we believe in the quality of our products that’s why we offer a 2-year manufacturer's warranty. Nevertheless, it can happen that the product malfunctions and that you need to process a warranty claim.
  • What is the warranty on MOTO GEAR products?
    We offer a 2-year warranty on all our products. This covers material and production flaws. Products that have been used are subject to investigation. They will be repaired or exchanged. MOTO GEAR products with the GORE-TEX membrane are subject to the "GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™" warranty (concerning breathability and/or waterproofness) by GORE-TEX. Please always contact our Customer Service should you have any warranty claims with products bought through our webshop.
  • How do I present a warranty claim?
    I bought my product on www.moto-gear.us or www.custommotogear.us  :
    For warranty issues regarding purchases through our online shop, please contact our Customer Service. We will gladly help you with your questions and explain the procedure to you.
    I bought my product at an authorized MOTO GEAR dealer:
    For warranty questions regarding MOTO GEAR products purchased from an authorized MOTO GEAR dealer, you should always contact your MOTO GEAR dealer of purchase.

    View the complete list of authorized MOTO GEAR dealers 
  • What is covered by the MOTO GEAR warranty?
    The warranty covers any type of manufacturing or material fault within the 2-year warranty period. During this period of 2 years, we assume that our products will not produce any defects in the materials used and/or have any construction and manufacturing flaws.
  • Will my product be repaired or replaced?
    When a MOTO GEAR product produces a material or construction flaw within the first 2 years MOTO GEAR will first try to repair the product. If MOTO GEAR cannot repair the product, or the repair costs are higher than the cost of a new product, the product will be replaced with the same or equivalent model.
  • What is excluded by the warranty that MOTO GEAR offers?
    >> Normal wear and tear*, damages
    >> Incorrect handling of the garment
    >> Negligence or carelessness in caring for the product
    >> Incorrect maintenance of the product (e.g. not following washing instructions)
    >> Damage from a crash, scrape, puncture, fall, or accident
    >> Damages caused by any alteration, including any repairs carried out by unauthorized persons
    >> Damages caused by factors/events outside MOTOGEAR's control (e.g. natural disasters)
    >> Any form of modification of the product
    >> Users’ subjective assessments, such as comfort and fit
    >> Damages caused by prolonged exposure to light (e.g. fading of color) and/or heat sources
  • *what is normal wear and tear?
    This is normal and unavoidable aging caused by regular use. No matter how careful you are with your product, your MOTO GEAR product will wear and get older with use. Examples of normal wear and tear (which are excluded from the 2-year warranty) are wear marks from rubbing on points of a motorcycle, general deterioration of the materials and fabrics after repetitive motion over time, and fading of the color.
  • 7-Week Delivery Warranty

    If any product is not delivered within the specified 7-week time frame, you will receive a $100 discount code for a delay of 1 week beyond the 7-week period. If the delivery is delayed by 2 weeks after the 7-week period, you will receive a $200 discount code. These discount codes can be applied to your next Leather suit purchase.
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